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Detail description aboutAfter assisting and organising Kambo circles from 2012, I went on to train with the IAKP in 2014 and then their advanced training course in 2016. I offer Kambo in Bristol, Bath, Bournemouth and in Poole, Dorset, UK. I prefer to work in private or smaller circles as I prefer a more intimate setting.
I’ve been on quite a journey since my initial sitting with Kambo in 2011 and am in deep gratitude to this beloved little frog for helping to heal and strengthen my body and transform my life. I love to witness how Kambo brings his magic into the lives of my clients and can help to transform their lives too. Please contact me if you’re interested in more information or to book a session.
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  • Business Name:Kambo Mae
  • Experience level: 7+ years
  • Certifications and Trainings:International Association of Kambo Practitioners(IAKP)
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