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My name is Kelly Haskell and I have been working with Kambo for 3 and a have years. I received my practitioners training in December of 2020 and work closely with this medicine ever since. 

I hold private one on one Kambo ceremonies in the comfort of your home or in your Airbnb if you are traveling from afar. Every ceremony lasts between 2-3 hours and is essentially multiple ceremonies within one larger ceremony. We will pay close attention to set and setting in creating a safe container for your healing to unfold. Within every ceremony there is always energy clearing, intention setting ceremony, and Mapacho work. Every Ceremony is tailored to you and what your needs are. 

Additionally, I am an Integration Specialists so I also offer integration sessions with my Kambo packages. These sessions can be pre and post Kambo ceremony depending on what your needs are. The pre ceremony session will help you prepare your mind, body, and spirit to work with Kambo. Post Kambo ceremonies would of course be to integrate the medicine work as well as support your through your process and the newness in which you are experiencing. Where to go from here, how to move forward, and to keep the energy you have received. 

A little background on who I am and the work I have do:

I first began my journey in late 2018 after a very deep spontaneous awakening that had me asking the Big questions of life. Who am I, Why am I here, Where am I from, What is my purpose? This Awakening quickly led me to the jungles of Peru to answer a very strong calling to commune with Ayahuasca. Along this first rights of passage to Peru is when I was introduced to Kambo. Let the love relationship begin. Not long after, I received the calling to work with Kambo even further. After I went through my Kambo training I contained to follow along the path of learning and healing. Working closely with fellow medicine men and women. I am dedicated to this path and uphold the highest respects for these medicines. 


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  • Business Name:PachaSoul / Southeastern Kambo
  • Certifications and Trainings: Rainforest Healing Center(RHC), Indigenous trained
  • Experience level: 3-7 years
  • Specialties:Herbalism, Nutrition, Trauma-informed, Women's work
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    A Phenomenal Experience!

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    5.0/ 5

    My experience with Kelly and Kambo was phenomenal to say the least. It was my first time sitting with this medicine and I feel totally new. One week later and I am still feeling clear, light, balanced, and free. I’m seeing and hearing the world in a different way. It’s difficult to describe but everything is much more ‘crisp’. The boundary between me and the outside world has gotten thinner and I am connected more with nature than I ever have been. From the introduction email, to the prep phone call, and all throughout the ceremony, Kelly was a joy to work with. She made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole process. She gave clear, detailed instructions and I felt prepared for my ceremonies. During the ceremony, she made me feel so comfortable with her knowledge and wisdom of the medicine. She helped me through some of the most uncomfortable parts of the ceremony with her words and singing. The way she works with the medicine is so beautiful. She does everything the traditional way which makes for a really special and sacred ceremony. My favorite part was the intention setting. Kelly listened with compassion and was so good at making me feel understood. I will definitely be sitting with Kambo again and I’d love for it to be with Kelly! If this is your first time sitting with Kambo, Kelly will take GREAT care of you! I highly recommend her.

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    Incredible Experience!

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    5.0/ 5

    Kelly provided an absolutely amazing ceremony experience. She is skillful, professional and thorough. She prepared me for the experience, guided me during and helped me to integrate afterwards. She really helped me to set my intentions to get the most from my ceremony. I would strongly encourage anyone who has been considering healing modalities to try a kambo ceremony with Kelly. I did three ceremonies over three days and did three integration sessions. I definitely feel that I got much more benefit from this approach. Kelly is the best!

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