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I am Andrea Stong from the Milwaukee, WI area. I have had my professional holistic wellness practice since 2014 where I am a certified Reiki and Chios Energy Healing Master Teacher, Kambô and Earth Medicine Practioner, and a Spiritual Intuitive. I focus on finding joy, peace, liberation, and deep integration of life’s experiences and mysteries through numerous healing modalities, meditation, yoga, singing, sound/vibration, exploring (Christ) consciousness and spirituality, sweat lodges, vision quests and much more.

I have a deep passion to support others find healing and balance in all aspects of my client’s and loved ones lives since I began my conscious spiritual journey to heal from numerous life threatening chronic autoimmune health conditions at the age of 15 years old.

I utilize a blend of practices and wisdom including Reiki, Chios, native and indigenous medicines and ways of healing and wellness, sound/vibration (drumming, singing bowls, shanti/koshi chimes, etc), essential oils, crystals/stones, herbs and more.

I also teach and certify Advanced Energy Healing, facilitate Goddess Drum Circles, Goddess Healing Retreats, Healing the Divine Feminine Workshops, Co-Ed Drum Circles, Co-Ed Healing Retreats, Sound Baths, Reiki/Energy Healing Shares, Breath-work, and Meditations.

I have been working with Kambô since 2019.

My journey began with Kambô to help me heal from numerous incurable and life threatening autoimmune diseases and stage 4 liver cirrhosis caused by vaccine injury, trauma, and environmental toxins.

At my first sitting with Kambô I could barely walk due to the the pain, inflammation, negative thought patterns and other stagnant energies that were within my being.

I purged in such an impactful way that most of my pain and negative thoughts were gone. I knew I had to keep going with this medicine and work through even deeper layers. After several more sittings, the call to work with Kambô more closely was so strong I couldn’t deny it.

A medicine man who I had known for years taught me the knowledge and trained me to self administer to maintain my healing and then to administer for others. I was also trained how to serve other plant medicines.

I sat many months with Kambô itself and the beautiful and intelligent spirit of Kambô, then offering one on one and group ceremonies.

As I continued my practice I felt a deep call to go down to South America, for further training. I spent an immersion of 3 weeks in Ecuador, fine tuning and learning more about Kambô and other medicines I have been working with, receiving direct transmission of the knowledge and wisdom from the shamans, tribes, and spirit of the medicine itself. My time in Ecuador only amplified my love and reverence I have for these incredible healing medicines.

I then completed further specialty training in October of 2021 on how to work with Kambô to treat Lymes Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, and other co-infections.

It has been an honor and blessing to learn from many different teachers including Shamans of South America. I have deep gratitude and reverence to have found my purpose in facilitating and supporting others on their healing journeys to health and wellness and a deep remembrance of our inner power, as I also continue to heal myself. We are all walking each other home.


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  • Business Name:Transcendence Holistics
  • Experience level: 1-3 years
  • Other specialties:Earth Medicine Ceremony Facilitator, Reiki & Chios Energy Healer Master Teacher, Goddess Drum Circles & Retreats, Co Ed Sound Baths & Retreats, Intuitive Readings
  • Certifications and Trainings: Indigenous trained
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