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Maya Medicina is a journey of returning to our roots through a series of natural medicine retreats, workshops & ceremonies with a mission to share the knowledge and medicines of our origins, nature, indigenous ceremonies, rituals and experience strong community connection.

This is an invitation to invest in our collective growth through…


We take pride in welcoming people from all walks of life, we are a diverse and humble community. As such, we are always offering services on a donation or instalment payment basis for those who need – just reach out.


Ahau & Robyn work together holding space with knowledge, joy, strength & compassion.

Ahau is a Mexican Shaman working with Traditional Medicines of his culture for the past 11 years, holding ceremonies & workshops. Living fully in his life purpose of being of service to humanity.

Robyn is a British Medicine Woman with a natural channel of wisdom, sharing through her wealth of experience supporting & guiding others to develop connection with consciousness & find balance in personal relationships & lifestyle.


Kambo is a traditional shamanic medicine taken from an Amazonian tree frog. The secretion is applied to the skin. Kambo saturates the physical and energy bodies, revitalising & rejuvenating the entire being. The natural cleansing & balancing principles of the body surge into action, removing toxic energies & replenishing it with health and vitality.


To shift the health dynamic back into balance, afterwards most people feel stronger, more energetic & generally balanced. Kambo has a vast array of benefits, helping afflictions such as fatigue, addiction, allergies, phobias, fertility problems, depression, migraines, thyroid issues, arthritis & circulation problems. In the Amazon the medicine is considered to be an energetic medicine, strengthening the body against illness by revitalising the cells. Kambo can get to the root cause of illness & imbalance – covering almost anything relating to the physical, emotional, social, psychological & spiritual self.


Kambô is antibiotic, antimicrobial antiviral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic & anaesthetic. The body reacts to the resin by boosting the natural immune system & ejecting toxicity through the liver, intestines & skin. It contains bioactive peptides that are active in the human body, these peptides are proven to stimulate gut flow, lower blood pressure, stimulate adrenals, dopamine release, fight microbes which are known to combat cancer, relieve pain & relax muscles.


The whole ceremony takes around 3 hours. The most ‘intense part is anywhere from 10-30 minutes. To apply the Kambo, the outer later of skin is removed via a small burn point around the size of a match head, this is to expose the lymphatic system. Once the Kambo is applied to this point you will feel nausea as the body begins to purge toxicity. The medicine is kept on your skin until you purge, this can happen through vomit or bowel evacuation depending on the person. After this happens the body recovers quickly & most people feel fresh within 1 hour, during this time you rest, have some herbal tea, gentle soup & enjoy the held space. The space is private, safe & held throughout.

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