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Sapo (Phyllomedusa bicolor) is an Ancient Medicine from the Matsés Tribe. Sapo produces massive improvements to physical health, reduction in DepressionAnxietyPTSD, and Addiction. Relief from chronic pain and major illnesses; CancerLyme DiseaseAutoimmune DiseasesBrain Diseases (i.e. Alzheimer’sParkinson’s), and more.

Nearly 10 years of experience with Sapo and Kambo medicine. I practice Kambo in Sapo style. The major difference in ease and safety of treatment: No drinking liters of water and purging it out. I am certified to practice Sapo and Kambo medicine treatment by Peter Gorman, author of “Sapo In My Soul”

Serving the New York City area: Brooklyn, New York, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island (limited) in the comfort of your own home and/or outdoors in warm weather.

Book a session for immediate results in healing the body, mind, and spirit

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