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Kambo Practitioner Training Program with Caitlin Thompson
06 May

Kambo Practitioner Training Program with Caitlin Thompson

Hosted by: Caitlin Thompson @ Medicine Frog Kambo

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  • San Diego, CA, USA

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  • 3:00 pm-Saturday

    May 6, 2023
  • 1:00 PM-Wednesday

    May 17, 2023

Are you ready to step into service and share the beauty of Kambo with others? Becoming a Kambo practitioner is a big choice and tremendous responsibility. We are here to ensure you receive the most comprehensive, transformative and scientifically-supported training that exists. Finally. A Not-So "Basic" Kambo Practitioner Training Program In a world where alternative medicine is exploding and any person can buy materials off the internet and claim to be a practitioner, there’s more importance than ever for practitioners to set a standard in ethics, safety, care and formal training. If you are concerned with the recklessness, negligence and hype that have become all too common in the medicine space, and wish to do it right, this training is for you. Kambo is a powerful tool and stepping into a practitioner role must be taken very seriously. This training is an invitation for those who choose a true path of integrity with Kambo. Those who understand the depths that must be reached to truly know a medicine. Those who understand that humility is an endless well of wisdom. Those who desire to authentically be in service with grace and set the Ego aside. This training is for the one’s who truly will strive to become a master at their craft and will not take shortcuts or accept mediocrity. About Our Training: Our training is designed to bridge the gap between moderns science and spiritual, traditional wisdom. This course covers both basic and advanced skills, because we believe that everyone should have advanced training right out the gate. Our training is one of the only one's that includes CPR and first aid certification as part of the program. -12 Days 12-day-long program that deep dives into the curriculum with all-day intensive group trainings . -Located In San Diego, CA Enjoy the beautiful weather and natural scenery at the facilities in rural sunny San Diego. -More Than Just A Training This program is designed to not only be educational, but also personally transformational. Becoming a practitioner is a rite of passage that we celebrate as we learn new skills. For more information go to : https://kambospecialist.com/kambo-practitioner-training/ Curriculum -The history of Kambo -Burning gates and application fundamentals -Dosage and point location protocols -Safety, screening and contraindications -Holding space, preparation and integration -The ethics and sustainability of kambo -Singing and sacred music -Chakra and chinese medicine meridian targeted application -Integrating traditional Indigenous knowledge with modern p-ractices -CPR and first aid certification course -Kambo peptide science -Rapeh and Sananga application -Shamanic techniques -Self-care and personal cleansing -Non-purgative microdosing protocols -Working with fragile health conditions -Using the traditional Matses fermented banana drink, (Sicaid) About your instructor Caitlin Thompson is a seasoned international Kambo practitioner having served over 1,500 clients with a specialty in Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses. Caitlin came to her specialty through fighting her own personal battle with Lyme disease and chronic illness symptoms. Caitlin is formally educated as a neurobiologist and is a research associate at UCSD School of Medicine. She operates as an independent scientific researcher with her previous studies focusing on psychedelics and their potential for treating autoimmune conditions and the prebiotic effects of herbs on the human microbiome. She is currently pioneering some of the first human studies on Kambo. Caitlin has been featured in over 80+ podcasts, interviews, conferences, speaking engagements and even international television appearances as a leading Kambo expert. Her set of skills makes her uniquely qualified to integrate the art and magic of Kambo with the scientific world. Caitlin also works closely with Matses tribes in Peru to support authentic, sustainable and reciprocal practices. For more information go to : https://kambospecialist.com/kambo-practitioner-training/


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