About KamboFinder

KamboFinder’s mission

The mission of KamboFinder is to help those in need of Kambo find practitioners in their area by creating a cohesive and united network of Kambo professionals from all over the world. Our belief is that we are stronger together and that coming together to achieve a common goal of making Kambo accessible to those in need is of utmost importance.

KamboFinder believes in the power of diversity, innovation, and collaboration which is why KamboFinder strives to transcend politics and division amongst the Kambo community to focus on prioritizing safety, integrity and sustainability.



How to use KamboFinder

KamboFinder allows users to search for practitioners, suppliers, trainings and events by location and other advanced search features. Using the advanced filter, Kambo seekers can view professionals based on certifications, specialty training and other services offered. You can filter to view practitioners that offer rapeh and sananga. You can also filter by group or private ceremony offerings.

Reviews left by past clients help you gauge whether a Kambo professional is the right fit for you. You can also search for keyterms that may fit a specialty you are seeking such as ‘accupuncture’, ‘addiction’ or ‘Lyme disease’.


KamboFinder’s origins

KamboFinder was created by Caitlin Thompson. Caitlin is an internationally recognized Kambo practitioner and Kambo scientific researcher. She is known for her specialization in working with those with Lyme disease, autoimmune and other chronic health conditions. Caitlin operates her own Kambo practice Medicine Frog Kambo out of San Diego, CA and Bali, Indonesia. She also offers the Lyme and Autoimmune Specialty Training (LAST) course for existing practitioners who wish to better serve the needs of their clients afflicted with lyme disease and autoimmune conditions.

Caitlin currently conducts independent research on Kambo with two papers publications, and funded studies currently in progress.



KamboFinder supports scientific research

KamboFinder is committed to applying 20% of profits towards funding independent scientific research projects on Kambo. It is also our goal to make the current scientific literature available to the public for review. You can view our compilation of the existing scientific research on Kambo and it’s derived compounds.

If you’re interested in directly supporting Kambo research, you can make a donation today by clicking the button below